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Benjamin Lee Prewitt | Knoxville

Benjamin Prewitt | Outdoorsman, Horticulturist, and Basketball Expert


Benjamin Lee Prewitt

Benjamin Lee Prewitt Knoxville, TN is currently working on a Masters Degree in Agriculture Education from Iowa State University. He is an experienced agriculture teaching professional noted for his dynamic and exciting teaching style. His extensive in both the classroom and the field makes him uniquely qualified to teach the simplest and most difficult concepts of agriculture.

Benjamin Prewitt is also an avid outdoorsman and horticulturist He is very experienced in using tractors, mowing and trimming equipment, horticultural techniques and process. Benjamin is also an avid basketball fan and has worked at numerous basketball camps including Cowens Celtics Basketball Camp.

Benjamin has had experience in a wide range of fields including contracting, HVAC repair, horticulture, animal husbandry, and the field of veterinary medicine. In addition Benjamin has also extensive experience in the sports field specifically basket ball. He was an All-Region Pick while on his high school basketball team and has also coached at many youth leagues and basketball camps.

Benjamin Prewitt has also been active in civic endeavors. He won the Hamblen County Board of Education Heroic Action Award and was president of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. In addition, he was a member of the Golden Key Honor Society, and The Stead Leadership Conference of 2013

No matter what position you are looking to fill, Benjamin Lee Prewitt of Knoxville is the right candidate. He can be reached at: benjaminprewitt283@gmail.

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